At Sora We Soar

A hillside retreat on Poho
shadowed under Banyan trees
An idyllic sanctuary of nature
overlooks the white bauhinia terrace

Sora, 'meaning' sky is guided by
the ethos of root to rise
We provide solid grounding
in yoga, tea, and sound healing
Close your eyes and breathe reverently
Listen with your heart and live presently
Attain a state of serenity with a soft gaze
resting gently on the sunlit sky


The more grounded you are,
the higher your soar.

Our Schedule

The sky takes on shades of orange
during Sunrise and Sunset.
The color that gives you hope,
that Sun will set, only to rise again.

Your Commitment

Together we soar
in a thousand splendid skies
  • Sora Introductory Package
    $480 for three classes^
    Valid for two weeks from the date of first visit
    ^ Only 1 Sound Healing and 1 Tea Ceremony can be joined for the Introductory Offer.
  • Regular Group Class
    Drop-in — $280
    4 Classes — $1,000
    10 Classes — $ 2,200
    20 Classes — $ 3,600
    5 Classes — $ 750 (Morning only)
    Max 6-9 students per class. Our small class size aims for each student of any level to be attended individually.